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A.1: all tests - A.2.1 Datum test, A.2.2 Coordinate Reference System test - A.5.2 CRS publication test, A.5.3 CRS identification test - A.6.1 Encoding compliance test - A.8.1 Multiplicity test, A.8.6 Encoding schema validation test

The E.1 Automated Validation Test is based on the use of the free testing facility GML 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007) Conformance Test Suite, developed by OGC, which verifies the conformance of GML data with respect to ISO 19136:2007(GML 3.2.1) and to supplementary data constraints specified by means of Schematron rules.

More specifically the E.1 provides: GML dataset files to be tested by means of E.1 can be uploaded from local or web resource as well as by means of WFS (GetFeature request).

Should eENVplus E.1 Test execute with no failures, after having specified PS schematron file,
  1. Conformance to A.1 - Application Schema Conformance Class can be claimed

  2. Coordinate Reference System tests - A.2.1, A.2.2 , A.5.2, A.5.3 - are successfully passed.
    Be aware that, to automate this test, an implementation choice was made to allow only identifiers referring to EPSG codes listed in Table 3 of PS Data Specification - Section 6.(3)

  3. Conformance to A.6 - Data Delivery Conformance Class can be claimed
    The use of GML-encoded files assures the required dataset encoding conformance to EN ISO 19118

  4. Tests A.8.1, A.8.6 are successfully passed.

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(1) click this link to learn more on dataset encoding tests
(2) IR Requirement Article 12 "The value domain of spatial properties defined in this Regulation shall be restricted to the Simple Feature spatial schema."
(3) The INSPIRE Technical Guidelines in Section 6 propose the use of the http URIs provided by the OGC as CRS identifiers.These are based on and redirect to the definition in the EPSG Registry (".TG Requirement 2 states that "The identifiers listed in Table 3 shall be used for referring to the coordinate reference systems used in a data set."