eEnvPlus Validation Service

Open geo-data for innovative services and user applications towards Smart Cities

The GeoSmartCity European project contributes to the Smart City implementation focusing on energy performances of buildings (Green-Energy scenario) and integrated management of underground utility infrastructures (Underground scenario).
The GSC hub publishes geographic information and provides specialized services based on open standards.
The INSPIRE Directive has been taken into consideration for the design of common trans-national data models. The GeoSmartCity Buildings and Utility Networks data models, in fact, are INSPIRE conformant extensions of relevant INSPIRE BU and US core data models.

The eENVplus Validation Service, based on the use of the free testing facility GML 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007) Conformance Test Suite developed by OGC , verifies the conformance of GML data with respect to:

Click the links to view the list of online GSC application schemas or the UML data models for the Underground Scenario and Green Energy Scenario .

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